Adapter and Mounting Brackets


Adapter , also called couplers or carriers , used for the positive connection of the actuator and valve when mounting bridge is used .
The adapter transmits the rotational movement of the actuator to the valve .


Our adapter blanks are made of stainless steel , which is well suited for machining .
They are the driving side finish machined with a square according to ISO 5211th We offer fittings sided machining to suit your needs .

Mounting Brackets:

Mounting brackets , also called consoles or lanterns are used for the construction of pneumatic or electric actuators on valves . 
They are especially needed if the drive can not be mounted directly on the valve .

Our mounting kits they get by default made of galvanized steel or stainless steel.
Our special processing of bridges guaranteed flat surfaces according to standard .
In addition, all interfaces are standardized and harmonize with fittings according,
to ISO5211 - DIN3337 and actuators according to VDI / VDE 3845th.