Flexible plastic limit switch box wave

– Compact and flexible polyamide limit switch box (PA6) with clear polycarbonate cover (PC)
– Visual indicator 3D
– Adjustable polyamide mounting bracket (PA6) reinforced with 30% fiber glass
for simple assembly on actuators according to VDI/VDE 3845:
Hole spacings: 80x30mm and 130x30mm (optional: 50x25mm)
Shaft heights: 20 and 30mm
(IMPORTANT NOTE: As standard no F05 interface in the bottom. Optional available.)
– Enclosure IP67 according to DIN EN 60529
– Cable gland M20x1,5 black (for cable Ø 6-12mm)
– Sealings EPDM and NBR, Screws AISI 304, Shaft polyamide PA6
– Other colours of casing available on request
– Application: Standard applications without explosive atmosphere.
1-4 mechanical switches or proximity sensors in V3 design,
1-3 slot type sensors,
1-2 cylindrical sensors Ø 8-18mm