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Electronic Unit for Oval Flowmeters.
Menu items:
1 Accumulated total flow (8-digit)
2 Instantaneous flowrate, L/h (mode:b1) and L/min (mode:b2)
3 Resettable total flow (zer o start/zero resettable, mode:C) (7-digit)
4 Low battery alarm (A low battery indicator – flickers below 3.0V)
5 Factored pulse and unfactored pulse output (pulse generator equipped model)
Display: 7-segment, 8-digit LCD. Characters 10mm high.
Also the units of measurement [“L” (std.)kL, m3, g, kg, t, or none] Register accuracy: Total flow : ±1 count Instantaneous flowrate : ±1% of full scale or better
Display orientation: Top-, horizontal-, or down-directing adjustable in 15° steps over 180°
Flow detection: A magnetic sensor detects alternating magnetic fields. Response frequency 200Hz max.

Output pulse:
Type: Opencollector pulse
Capacity: Allowable current 20mA DC, Max. voltage applied : 30V
Type:                            Factored                              Unfactored
Pulse width:     1ms, 50ms, 100ms, 250ms              2ms (fixed)
Cable: Vinyl-sheathed, 4-conductor (individual elements 0.5mm2, ø7 O.D.) cable 1 meter long furnished (standard)
(Not furnished with models less pulse generator)
Transmission length: 1 kilometer max. (when CVVS: 1.25 ~2.0mm2 cable is used)
Power source (See Note.): Lithium battery or external power source
Lithium battery: 3.6V dedicated battery pack incorporated
Good for 8 years (A low battery alarm flickers below 3.0V app.)
external power source 12~50VDC±10% (Depends on operating conditions.)
Operating temp. range: –10~+60°C
Material: Polycarbonate
Color coded liquid kind: LCD frame : Red (oil service), Blue (water service)
Finish (housing): Blue
Construction: Meets IP53
Installation location: Under the eaves (Avoid locations exposed to the sunshine.)