Waterflux 3070 ( Battery powered )

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Battery powered electromagnetic water meter with optional KROHNE FlexPower


• Battery power or optional mains power & battery backup with the FlexPower
• Easy installation without straight inlet or outlet lengths
• Integrated pressure and temperature sensor



Accurate and reliable performance
• Unique rectangular flow sensor design for sizes DN25…600
• Flow profile disturbances squeezed out by contraction
• Large turn down ratio for peak flows during the day and low flows during the night
• Standard in-house wet calibration for every meter
• Internal diagnostics and external verification with OPTICHECK tool



• Certifications to OIML R49 and MID Annex III (MI-001) up to DN600
• Range of local custody transfer approvals based on OIML R49
• Drinking water approvals including ACS, DVGW, NSF, TZW and WRAS



• Measurement of clean potable water, raw water and irrigation water
• Monitoring of distribution networks
• Pressure and water quality control with integrated P&T sensor
• Pressure and pumping stations
• District Metering Areas (DMA) for leak detection
• Water consumption and billing
• Checking of water wells or pumps and maintaining water balance



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