By-Pass Level Transmitter



The By-Pass Level Indicator is installed outside of a
vessel or tank. The liquid level in the tank can easily
be observed from the change of the flag color.
Optional devices of magnetic switch and level
transducer can be added for electrical signal output
and level transmitting.


By-Pass indicator utilizes hydrostatic
principle to show the liquid level in the tank. A float
with a magnet inside rises and drops according to
the liquid level change. Magnetic flags will flip as
float passes through to indicate liquid level based
on magnetic attraction method.

Applications and features:

  • Applicable in environment with high temp., high
    pressure, strong acid, strong alkaline and
    hazardous locations. The structure is simple but
    durable and reliable. It is also available with
    various options for upgrade.
  • A level transducer or magnetic switch can be
    installed and adjusted during operation.
  • It is not operated by electricity thus it will not be
    affected by power failure.
    Add different color of hag per 10cm that can he
    recognized easily.
  • Multiple applications for textile dyeing, sewage
    water processing, power generating, boiler and
    petrochemical industries.