Fire detection system is one of the most important marine systems, since its functionality is directly connected with the
safety of people and equipment. As such, it must provide reliable notification of fire and warn the responsible persons, in
order to prevent fire spreading and potential catastrophic consequences.

ITDAC-14P-4 features:
• Conventional fire detection system
• 4 fire detection lines
• Automatic and/or manual alarm output activation
• Separate and independent outputs for crew and passengers
• Outputs 24V DC – fire bells can be directly connected
• Type approved by Croatian Register of Shipping

• power supply: 24V DC (18-32V DC)
• current consumption (without bells): 200mA max.
• number of smoke and heat detectors in single line: 17 max.
• number of manual call points in single line is unlimited
• power failure signalization: LED + buzzer; built-in battery with automatic charging
• output contact for ventilation blocking: Voltage-free contact 5A/250V AC, activated as long as one of fire detectors is in alarm state and/or when
alarm output is manually activated
• alarm output for crew: output 24V DC 1A max; activation: automatically (after 2 min if alarm isn’t accepted) and/or manually
• alarm output for passengers: 24V DC 1A max; activation: manually
• flush (IP22, weight: 0.9kg) or bulkhead (IP54, weight: 7kg) mounting