Micro Motion – 820 Electronics

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Standard and differential measurement for two Coriolis flow sensors

■ A complete, dedicated Coriolis meter solution for fuel consumption calculations
■ Meets regulatory requirements and custody transfer standards
■ Simplified architecture improves reliability and reduces installation costs
■ Powerful data log and diagnostics to increase measurement confidence

The 820 electronics are specifically designed to meet the challenges of measuring consumption or differential flow between two
Coriolis flow sensors. The 820’s dedicated design provides an exceptional combination of accuracy, reliability, and value.

Coriolis meters

Coriolis meters offer dramatic benefits over traditional volumetric measurement technologies. Coriolis meters:
■ Deliver accurate and repeatable process data over a wide range of flow rates and process conditions.
■ Provide direct inline measurement of mass flow and density, and also measure volume flow and temperature—all from a single
device with a remote dual core processor.
■ Have no moving parts, so maintenance costs are minimal.
■ Have no requirements for flow conditioning or straight pipe runs, so installation is simplified and less expensive.
■ Provide advanced diagnostic tools for both the meter and the process.

820 electronics

The 820 electronics are targeted for fuel consumption applications including, but not limited to, main engines, auxiliary engines,
boilers, among others.
Powerful functions such as security lockout switch, data log, and diagnostics follow stringent regulations and increase the
measurement confidence under challenging process conditions.

Petroleum Measurement
Adds the following calculations to the standard software:
■ Calculates base density (corrected API Gravity) and CTL (the correction for the effect of temperature on a liquid)
■ Calculates gross volume at standard temperature
■ Calculates flow-weighted average temperature and flow-weighted average observed gravity (flowing density)
■ Calculates a net temperature for correct volume consumption in conjunction with fuel consumption software