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Multi purpose, all-round, ultrasonic flowmeter for

• Measurement of (non-) conductive, low and high viscous liquids, media
temperature: -200°C to +250°C
• Accurate bi-directional measurement that starts from zero flow
• Advanced signal converter, covering all I/O ‘s and communication protocols


The OPTISONIC 3400 flowmeter is an unique, 3-beam, inline, ultrasonic flowmeter, designed
especially for measuring homogeneous conductive and non-conductive liquids, with high
accuracy and reproducibility, over a long period of time.


• with full range of I/O ‘s and communication protocols
• Diagnostic functions according to NAMUR NE107
• Improved user interface: optical- and push buttons
• Completely welded construction, wear and maintenance free
• Full bore, unobstructed sensor tube, without pressure loss and without moving parts
• Accurate bi-directional flow measurement, with three beams to measure continuously, and
starts measurement at nearly zero flow
• Multipurpose, all round, ultrasonic flowmeter for single phase liquids


• Chemicals
• Petrochemicals
• Oil & Gas
• Energy
• Water (utilities)


• Conductive and non-conductive liquids
• Cryogenic- and high process temperature, low and extreme high pressure range
• Expanded applicability; for standard and high performance applications
• Measuring aqueous liquids as well as extreme viscous oils
• High turn down ratio; e.g. transportation pipeline measurements
• Broad pressure and temperature range (e.g. midstream oil measurements)
• Multiple products; e.g. allocation measurements in on/off loading
• Water utilities in all process industries; make-up water, boiler feed water, demineralized



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