Rosemount 520


Rosemount 520 Level Transmitter:

  • Suitable for installation in virtually any tank gauging application
  • 5-year stability guarantee reduces maintenance costs
  • 4-20 mA HART® capabilities
  • Superior overpressure protection
  • Up to 25:1 rangeability and simplified range selection for increased flexibility

Legendary Rosemount Performance Customized for Marine Applications:

The Rosemount 520 Level Transmitter is an all-titanium,
compact, reliable transmitter designed specifically to be
suitable for the harsh marine environment. The Rosemount 520
continues tradition of delivering superior performance, reliability and value.

Suitable for installation in virtually any
tank gauging application with a
comprehensive offering of installation kits:

The flexibility in terms of a wide range of available installation
kits makes the transmitter suitable for all tank types, and the
all-welded titanium housing makes it compatible with all
commonly used liquids. Reducing the variety of different
transmitters used on-board the ship minimizes the cost
associated with design and installation.

Simplified ranges and up to 25:1
rangeability for increased flexibility:

The rangeability allows you to cover a wide spectrum of
applications, level gauging from 0.8 mH2O to 100 mH2O with
two transmitter ranges. This not only allows you to be flexible,
but also reduce inventories.

Superior overpressure protection:

The superior overpressure capabilities ensure trouble-free
ownership. The transmitter is designed exclusively for harsh
marine applications, which reduces issues associated with, for
example, sloshing in the tanks.

5-year stability guarantee reduces
maintenance costs:

Pressure transmitters can drift out of specification after just a
few months and require recalibration, which consumes both
time and money. The Rosemount 520 carries a 5-year stability
guarantee to reduce the frequency of calibration and reduce
maintenance costs.