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ZCE5-pseudo_Equalis-S       ZCE5-1-1


Metering Solutions for Oil depots and terminals.

The Satam line of metering units for depot applications is designed for truck
and train tankers loading stations in a top or bottom loading configuration.
The compact, vertical or horizontal measuring unit enables easy installation in
smaller facilities.

Sectors of application:
• Tanker trucks and railcars loading meters
• Preparation of bio-fuels by means of online
or batch blending
• Measurement of white products and bio-fuels
• Additive injection control

Key Points:

• Low maintenance cost
Simple and robust construction with minimal moving
mechanical components

• Low installation cost

Compact metering unit for installation in smaller

• Safe Use

Measuring system supplied “fully assembled” and
tested in the factory in order to ensure maximum

• Measurement stability and accuracy

Measurement accuracy guaranteed over a period
of many years without any deviation in the calibration

• Modular Design

Extensive line of accessories to create customised
measurement applications


For more applications, info and details,
please contact us.