Electronic Meter Register

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The EMR3 Electronic Meter Register is a state-of-the-art product, resistant
and easy to operate, and fully capable of meeting the most demanding
customer requirements, in addition to a wide variety of industry

Veeder-Root 7887 Mechanical Meter Register has been a reference for
decades due to its global standard of quality, performance and robustness.
Mr3 is the electronic version of this mechanical meter register and has the
same quality, performance and robustness standards which are combined
with the benefits of the latest technology for control of liquid fluids
inventory and fuel dispensing data. EMR3 provides superior functionality
with a host of electronically enabled resources.

Main Technical Features

  • Power supply: 12 or 24 VDC
  • Register: 6 configurable digits (5 integers and 1 decimal)
  • Totalizer: 8 digits
  • Preset: 6 digits, 2 output relays
  • Backlit liquid crystal display.
  • Robust programming keypad.
  • Nonvolatile memory continuously stores the last 200 transactions made.
  • Volume, totalizer and preset on the same display
  • IB relay set up: 0 and 4
  • 3 input and output communication ports (RS-232/485).
  • Suitable for all volume meter register available in the market.
  • Intrinsically safe electronic head that can be installed directly in the volumetric meter
  • Eletronic head with a lp65 protection degree.
  • The intercommunication box (IB) must be installed outside the selected area at
    a maximum distance of 304 m.
  • Optional: keyboard, printer and remote display.

Main Features:

  • Currency, volume or temperature compensated volume indication.
  • Multi-point calibration for exceptional accuracy, enabling calibration of up to 8
    points from minimal to maximum outflow..
  • Fully customizable delivery tickets.
  • Temperature compensation, calibrated for each type of product.
  • Preset currency & volume delivery modes.
  • Multiple products delivery, calibrated for each type of product.
  • Simultaneous operation of 2 electronic register heads.
  • Shift report printing.
  • Fully functional remote register (permits remote operation).
  • Stores up to 15 tier prices, taxes or discounts (percentage, flat rate and
  • Fully customizable text in the initial screen.
  • Multiple language capability..
  • IB Network: interface with up to 32 electronic register heads in one network..
    User defined pulse output (connect with other inventory systems).