FLOWPET-5G is an OVAL flowmeter primarily intended for use in boiler feed water and fuel oil metering applications. Field proven accuracy and long life along with the best price/performance and ease of use makes this industrial meter ideal as a dedicated tool for heat control.


Model LS5576-530A:

  • Dimension: 40 mm JIS 10KFF
  • Materials: House: Cast Iron
  • Rotors: Special resin
  • Max temperature: 120℃
  • Flow range: 600-14000 l/hour
  • Accuracy: +/-0.5 % RD
  • Flowdirection: Right to left
  • Pressure rating: 10 bar

Register Unit:

  • LCD display: 7-segment, 8-digit with 14mm characters, unit display, low battery alarm, and flow indicator (10-segment)
  • Power source: Lithium battery or external power source.
    • Lithium battery: 3.6V dedicated battery pack, Battery life: 8 years (varies with operating conditions), Storage life: 10 years
    • External power source: 12 to 50VDC±10% (Pulse output: Current capacity 10mA or more, Analog output: Current capacity 30mA or more
  • Display item: Total flow, instantaneous flow rate ([/h] or [/min]), and resettable total flow
  • Output signal: Open collector, Allowable current: 20mA, Max. voltage applied: 30V.
    Analog output: 4 to 20mA
  • 4 kinds of output specifications available:
    pulse output, analog output, alarm output, and
    analog+pulse/alarm output


Replacement for: LS5576-430A